April Pose of the Month ~ Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana ~ Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana

Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose


1.Begin with a strong connection into the earth in Tadasana.  Mountain pose.

2. Place hands on hips to maintain stability.

3. Bring right knee into chest with hand on shin, stay here or reach for the big toe with “peace sign” fingers.

4. Either continue holding on to the shin or begin to extend your right foot forward, pressing out pressing through the heel.

5. Allow the toe to grab the fingers as the fingers grab the toe.  This will bring stability and to the pose.

6. Left foot is in Pada Bandha, four corners of the left foot grounded into the earth as the left quadricep draws up into the hip. Left leg active.

7. Hips are level and steady as the navel is drawn into the spine. Core strength.

8. Stay here or extend the right knee or leg out to the right. Gaze left.

9. Hold for several breaths, slowly retrace your steps and return back to Tadasana.

10. Repeat 1-9 on the other side.


The focus of the pose this month is to bring flexibility to the hamstring while in balance, strengthening core and balance.

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