April Pose of the Month ~ Vikasitakamalasana ~ Blossoming Lotus Pose.


Vikasitakamalasana ~ Blossoming Lotus pose.

“In yogic lore, the lotus is a metaphor for how all of our past experiences, especially the negative ones  can be used as fertile soil for blossoming into a more awakened being, capable of giving graciously and profoundly to others”. Sharon Gannon


The physical aspects of the blossoming lotus strengthens your back and core, helps elongate your spine, lifts your waist and stretches your glutes.

Making micro movements in your core will help with balance and stability.

Begin sitting upright on your mat bringing  the soles of your feet together in Baddha Konasana.

Release knees, hips, thighs and let them gently relax towards the earth.

Place your hands underneath your calves so your calves rest on your wrists and your hands are resting on the floor to start.

If you are practicing at home or new to this pose, keep you hands on the floor and rest your back against a wall to assist with the balance.

Lean backward onto the back edge of your sit bones as you lift  your legs up towards the sky with the palms facing upward to support the lifted legs.

The head and chest draw upwards as the hips and bottom release downward into the earth. This is said to be where heaven and earth meet.

Apply Mula Baddha if you are familiar (a gentle lift of the pelvic floor).

Keep the heels of your feet touching one another as you balance and breathe.

This is a nice place to recall your commitment and intention to your practice and perhaps life’s desires.

Take time and relax into this pose and feel the power of letting go. Breathe


Lower to butterfly

Enjoy Blossoming Lotus



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