August 2016 – Pose – Forward Folds featuring Marichyasana A

Good news! Our pose of the month teaches us to stay cool, internally and externally! Forward folds featuring Marichyasana A and variations will be explored in our classes. Honor and cultivate the wisdom necessary to slow down, move skillfully into and pause in this class of asana, finding in the stillness all the information that is needed to guide you!

From Yoga International


Setup and Key Actions
Sit with your left leg long on the floor, bend your right knee and place your right foot on the floor, a good distance from your inner left thigh. Press the back of your left leg, the sole of your right foot, and your palms or fingertips into the floor to first lengthen your spine upward, and then tilt your pelvis forward, bringing your torso between your right thigh and left leg. Wrap your right arm around your right shin. Work your arm around your bent leg and behind your waist, and bind your left wrist with your right hand, or clasp the fingers of both hands together. With your hands bound press your right arm into your right shin. Your right hip will lift off the floor, but continue pressing your foot into the floor. Lengthen through your spine as you fold, keeping your shoulders level and the back of your neck long.

If you’re unable to hold your wrist or clasp your hands together, hold a strap between your hands, or press your hands into the floor to help move your torso forward over your leg. You can keep your hands on the floor as you press your right arm into your right shin, working all of the other parts of the pose without the bind.


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