August Pose of the Month ~ Hanumanasana ~ Monkey Split



Prior to entering this posture make sure hips and legs are prepared by warming up with some hip openers, hamstring and quadrasept stretches.

  1. High runner’s  lunge. From downward facing dog step right foot to right thumb making sure right knee is directly over right ankle.  Left leg extended back with an option of releasing the left knee down.
  2. Hips are facing foward and front hip bones lifted to insure low back is protected.  Slowly extend the right leg forward.
  3. Blocks, blankets can assist this asana (posture) under the left hip and/or right thigh.
  4. Repeat on left side.

A lift can be assited by using blocks under hands either side of the hips to keep upper body lifted.

This is the full expression of Hanumanasana.  Variations include runner’s lunge, releasing the left knee down and drawing the right hip back and folding foward or lifting up. You may also be guided in standing split as another variation.

Look for this posture throughout your practice this month as each teacher has a creative way to guide you into Hanumanasana.

Take a leap of faith….


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