Awakening ~ April Subject of the Month

 Namaskar!!  Spring is here!  What an amazing rebirth of life itself right before our eyes.  A time of reawakening and aliveness for birds and animals.   There is such beauty and awe in the budding and blooming of flowers and trees.  There is an innate connection and a feeling of blossoming within us, as we witness Spring (ing into) and expansiveness around us.  We cannot help but to be excited for new beginnings as the days become longer and we enjoy the outdoors and all the activities that are happening in our community and our lives.  

This is a great time to let you spirit be brilliant spread your wings and soar.   Wake up, smell the roses and as my Dad used to say, “it’s a beautiful day, Rise and Shine”.

Rise and Shine for what is true to you, what speaks to you, what tickles your fancy and gives you a sense of purpose.  Even in your yoga practice.  



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