Creativity ~ October Subject of the Month

Maybe you are exploring yoga because you would like to de-stress, or get your body into optimal shape.  Maybe you are giving yoga a try because it is the latest craze.  Maybe you are stepping upon your mat because you are on a spiritual quest and want to understand yourself at a deeper level.  Maybe you just want to breathe.

Whatever has initially brought you to your first yoga class you can be rest assured that you not only will receive what you may be seeking but probably more than you anticipated or even imagined.

We are complete body, mind and spirit.  This is the canvas of our lives.  On this canvas are all of our experiences in our lives that have brought us to this very moment.

The experiences that have been brought forth, our obstacles, challenges and joys guide the paths that  we have chosen along the way  and continue to paint the canvas and shape our lives.

Can we see the beauty, creativity, uniqueness and can we embrace our authenticity with reverence?

As we allow for space in our bodies it is an opportunity for an ease of being.  Yoga creates openness and freedom for liberation that yields to creativity and flow.  We become seamless in our daily life, free, easy, and poetic.

As we breathe through posture after posture in the frame of the alignment allowing for space in our bodies and minds, creative juices flow freely to experience the thoughts, emotions, sensations in our body and minds as we see the brilliance and magnificence of our true nature evolving, growing, learning, painting that work of art that is in every moment?

For many years, yogis have talked of the benefits of yoga for creativity. Now, scientists and yoga teachers are beginning to study how and why yoga benefits and enhances creativity.

Yoga enhances the awareness of the body and mind. The mind, body, spirit connection of yoga helps to clear the mind. This helps ideas and inspiration rise to the surface when the mind is cleared and centered.

This can be obtained in everyday life…

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