December Subject of the Month ~ Community ~



Yogasphere has become more than a yoga studio.  All of the amazing people that walk in the door and sit upon their mats have brought a special meaning to Yogasphere.  Community. True community has been organically created and the feeling of support and connection is palatable. Like-minded people coming together and sharing their warmth and smiles through the practice of yoga is what makes Yogasphere what it is.  It is often said “Yogasphere is my home”. There is something quite unique about Yogasphere where you feel safe and secure.  There is a beautiful dance that is shared with teachers and students where love and respect is present.

As we embark upon the last month of the year coming from gratitude and opening into the new year may we not forget our community.  How lucky we all are to have a place to call home.  Familiar faces, open hearts, open minds and the beauty of true community.

Thank you all.



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