Discipline ~ December Subject of the Month by Elle Kaplan

When you hear the word discipline, how does it settle into your bones?   Does the word remind you or trigger you of any feelings or emotions?  It can remind us of our childhood and how we learned and grown to understand by the discipline we have received.

By definition, it is regimen or training.  The synonyms are conduct, cultivate, development, educate, exercise, method, self-control, self-restraint, orderliness, and the one that resonates with me is practice.

Pattabhi  Jois, reminds us that yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory.

When we arrive upon our mat we have made a commitment to show up.  We allow ourselves to be guided into and through the practice by our teacher.   We cultivate a relationship with our self and are open to receive the myriad health benefits of yoga and overall sense of well being in seventy-five minutes or less.  We allow the mind to expand and receive knowledge and enlightenment through the practice.

Discipline and control allows us as practitioners of yoga to be at peace when practicing yoga and many practitioners translate that discipline into their everyday lives. To attain inner peace and overall well-being, we as yoga practitioners may even change our diet and our lifestyle to a healthier one, further enforcing the disciplines we have learned during our yoga practice.

The application of yoga discipline in our everyday life can help us to become calm, and more balanced human being and the health benefits may increase flexibility and improve circulation and allow us to live a longer and healthy life.

This discipline requires focus and concentration and a level of commitment arriving into great awareness and realization.   The emptiness of the breath can lead us to this place.  This place of presence with reverence that we have chose as we first arrived upon our mat.

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