February Pose of the Month ~

Matsyasana ~ Fish Pose

matsy~fish  asana~pose


Open your heart, rest your mind in this pose of the month 

  • Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent, feet on the floor. Inhale, lift your pelvis slightly off the floor, and slide your hands, palms down, below your buttocks.  Rest your buttocks on the backs of your hands. Be sure to tuck your forearms and elbows up close to the sides of your torso.
  • Inhale and press your forearms and elbows firmly against the floor. Next press your scapulas into your back and, with an inhale, lift your upper torso and head away from the floor. Then release your head back onto the floor.
  • Depending on how high you arch your back and lift your chest, the back of your head will release towards the floor. There should be a minimal amount of weight on your head to avoid crunching your neck.  There is no discomfort here.  To support the neck an option is to roll a blanket and place it under the neck or read further for other variations.
  • You can keep your knees bent or straighten your legs out onto the floor. If you do the latter, keep your thighs active, and press out through the heels.
  • Supportive variations are available with a rolled up blanket under the shoulders to lift chest.  Another option is using 2 blocks, one place in line at the base of the scapula and one beneath the head for support.  There should not be any strain on the neck at all.
  • Relax your arms chest and stomach.  Allow you chest and lungs to be open feeling safe with the earth beneath you.  Let your heart release.
  • Stay for 15 to 30 seconds breathing slowly and deeply, stay longer if practicing restorative or therapeutics.
  • With an exhalation lower your torso and head to the floor. Remove any props that were used.
  • Draw your thighs up into your belly and squeeze knees inward and release.
  • Rest.

Enjoy Matsyasana

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