Glimmers of Awakening by Laura Rothstein

I remember my first glimmers of awakening well.  I was about 8yrs old staring at my image in a mirror.  Questions that once seemed  answerable were suddenly vastly deep and bigger than my own individual self.  Who am I? What am I?  Do I even exist? What is this body?  What is skin?   I remember feeling like I was at the edge of cliff and the fear of taking one more step forward and falling into the void brought me right back to my reality.

Another faint but luminous memory of a similar experience occurred a short time later.    “Horton Hears a Who” was on t.v. and I absolutely fell in love with Horton and the whole idea of an entire universe/world living on that small dust ball.   The way Horton fiercely protected that dust ball because he alone knew about the precious sentient beings existence on this tiny speck of dust was mesmerizing.   Questions once again rushed through my mind… What if we are actually living on a dust ball being carried around by a magnificent elephant?  What if every dust ball was a self contained universe or world?  Again, the feeling of knowing that I was part of something much greater than my individual self filled me up  and overwhelmed me.  That fear took over and jolted  me right back to what I knew was safe.  ( As a side note, since then I have come to believe that Dr. Seuss was a Tantrika and Horton is actually Ganesh)

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my dear teacher Parvathi Nanda Nath has taught me that all of us  have had glimmers of awakening which often take place during our early years of adolescents. A time when we are still somewhat unconditioned in our thoughts and actions and open to possibilities.    Thankfully,  having these precious moments of awakening is much like riding a bike.  Once we have experienced it, dropping back into that space is very accessible.   Coming back to this “glimmer of awakening” is a beautiful place to begin a meditation, asana practice , walk in the park etc….  with the possibilities of revealing  paths of deeper connection  to loved ones and all sentient beings.

So perhaps take time to reflect and find when you felt that personal awe inspiring “glimmer of awakening”.   Drop into the space and then see what arises.   Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!  Namaste – Laura

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