I Resolve To… ~January Subject of the Month~

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This Year I Resolve To…

~Be still and appreciate each morning.

~Awaken hope for what each day can hold.

~Seek and give kindness to others.

~Not respond to negative comments with negative comments.

~Notice and be aware of any words following “I am”.

~Pay more attention to the the things which are good and try and stop talking about what is wrong.

~Go outside my comfort zone at least once a month.

~Take time to thank others on a regular basis.

~Listen to my breath, feel my heartbeat and know my body is not replaceable and treat it with the respect it deserves.

~Open my eyes and notice something in nature on a daily basis.

~Reflect on my day and life each night and find gratitude in something, even if it is only my breath, my heartbeat, life.

An Inspired Approach 2014

When I came across this it spoke to me in a way that I knew I could share with others no matter where they may be in life.  It opens doors and reminds us of the true values of life.  As we move from 2013 into 2014 let this be the time to remember again what we treasure most.  Let it remind us to learn from the past, open to the future and embrace the gift of the present.

Wishing you abundance of peace, love, joy and all that sparks your heart and soul.  May you be fearless and find strength in your vunerability.  May what you receive not only be your greatest gift but a gift for all beings everywhere.


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