Introducing Yogasphere’s Program – “Yoga for Stress Free Living” by Laura Rothstein


Over the past several years, Yogasphere’s community has grown in many areas. One particular modality  that we felt needed  focused attention has to do with living life in a manner that was more stress free,  less anxious, rested, restored and peaceful.    We are very exciteyogasphere2014d to introduce our “Yoga for Stress Free Living”  a la cart program.  We have consolidated our current offerings that are in line with this initiative and require no prior knowledge of yoga.   You can find “Yoga for Stress Free Living” on our website under a menu item titled  “De-stress”.    These offerings include, Gentle classes, Meditation, Restore and Renew along with specialty workshops like the popular ” Healing Stress and Trauma through Yoga” with Cathy Frank.   Classes and workshops will be added on a regular basis.

Of course all yoga when practiced brings you to that space of quiet mind through breath and movement,  however these particular offerings focus more on the  relaxing, healing, restorative and gentle  qualities  of Yoga.   Our intent is to create community within our community of people working through transitions, life events or those who just need a moment  to rejuvenate.

Please take a moment and visit our website at and click on menu item “de-stress”.   Whether you are having a tough day or week or possibly dealing with a challenging life experience, we hope we can provide a safe haven to restore, renew, relax and rebuild.

“Yoga for Stress Free Living”  classes and workshops will be offered at our Newtown and Doylestown Locations.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti – Laura



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