January Pose of the Month ~ Ardha Chandrasana ~ Half Moon Pose

Elle class June 2012-060

  • Tadasana – Mountain pose
  • Uttanasana – Standing forward fold
  • Extend spine, rise up onto fingertips or use a block to get full extention
  • Shift the weight to your right side staying up on fingertips or block-making sure right shoulder and wrist/fingertips/block are in line
  • Place left hand on left hip, gazing down for stability as you peel hips open to left
  • Once stable energize extended leg as grounded foot maintains stability
  • Begin to take gaze forward or up
  • Hold for 5 breaths, return to Uttanasana then Tadasana
  • Repeat left side

*Teachers may offer variations of Ardha Chandrasana*


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