January Subject of the Month ~ Sankalpa ~ Resolve

Sankalpa ~ Resolve

Take a moment to sit down and listen to your inner most heart’s desire.

Take the time to be interested and respond to the inner dialogue.

Rest the ego of wanting a new car or a new outfit to feel better and go beyond what truly is being called from deep within.

There is nothing to be made up, it is already within you.

Stay present with “I AM” without negative words or connotations. ” I am vibrant and healthy”, “I am compassionate for my body”.  “I am truth”, I am love”

Allow yourself to be driven by your goal(s) and follow the direction as your Sankalpa is revealed.

When we discover the unfolding and revealing of our true heart’s purpose it is what motivates everything we do. We rest in the deep knowing of what is true at our very essence. We move and breathe from that place that satisfies the deepest yearns and desires that are blocked by superficial things to temporary make us feel good, but will always pass because it is never enough.

The truth and wisdom is enough and life begins to follow the “Sankalpa”. Be patient, trust and believe what is known to be true at the deepest most profound level.  It is there.

 The mind nurtures the Sankalpa like a seed that is planted deep in the ground. It finds its roots and grows strong.

How to choose a Sankapla ~ the process

1. Ask yourself “what” you want then “why” you want it.

2.What is behind the desire?

3. Keep it short and specific and positive.

4. Begin with “I” or “My”.

5. Be confident and secure in the words you choose.

For Example~

1. I don’t like the way I feel.  I am fat. I want to feel good.

2. If I feel good I will be happy.

3. Exercising feels good.

4. I am healthy and happy.

5. My physical body is healthy and strong.

Benefits of a Sankalpa ~

Creates a good and positive personal habits
Improves the quality of life
Creates positive changes
Understanding and finding your life’s purpose
Spreading good positive energy to all beings around you


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