July 2016 – Pose of the Month – Lizard Pose (Uttan Pristhasana)

Welcome to the heat of the summer! As with all things, when it gets a bit too hot for our taste, we can meet things with resistance, or with the willingness to see how we can work with this added energy¬†in our lives ūüôā

Luckily, our yoga practice gives us lots of choices in utilizing the heat skillfully as we move deeply into hip-openers this month, featuring Lizard Pose, or uttan pristhasana. So many choices (and fortunately so much time!) for all levels of this pose which frees the hips, hip flexors, hamstrings and groin. Use props to build flexibility as you progress, explore your edges and find your capacity to soften and deepen as you liberate physical and energetic tight spots in the hips. Have fun in your favorite variation,  maybe even staying there long enough to fully appreciate how your body responds your choice!


From Yoga International:

Position both hands to the inside of your left foot. Shift your left foot about 10 inches to the left so you can nuzzle your left shoulder to the inside of your knee. Keep your back knee lifted or slowly lower it to the floor, pressing the top of your back foot down. Let your left thigh hug your left ribs, which requires work from the left inner thigh muscles. Place your forearms on the floor or on blocks.

Can you stay steady with this giant hip opener? Try not to zone out or do the opposite and aggressively bear down. Listen to your body and watch your mind. Whatever you notice is interesting, choose to be curious!

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