July Subject of the Month ~ Brahmacharya ~ Having Enough



Christina L. Kaplan


Bramacharya, yoga’s sacred, ethical practice of non-excess: Taming our overindulgence in the name of satisfaction. We, as human beings in our modern society, are known to overdo everything in almost all aspects of our daily lives. We seem to follow the phrases, “The bigger, the better” or “The more, the merrier.” Why must we feel the need to want MORE?

Food, sex, alcohol, even exercise, work, etc; these everyday aspects of our lives all hold a place of pleasure, satisfaction, comfort, ease, stimulation, and power; however, too much of these external sources often surpass that sense of pleasure and suddenly, we find ourselves in a difficult place of feeling “full.” So full that we feel almost numb or even dull at times. One of the greatest challenges we face in our world today is recognizing when enough is enough. In order to avoid this sense of overindulgence we must truly be present in the sensitivity of our desires. Notice that sacred pleasure in that space of enough, in that state of pure satisfaction, non-excess, Brahmacharya.


Food for thought~

Maybe, we don’t indulge in that extra scoop of ice cream on top of our apple pie after Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe this time, we just watch ONE episode of Orange is the New Black tonight to catch up on Piper’s life instead of re-watching a few episodes of that Breaking Bad series (which we actually already have finished in it’s entirety this past December), and we don’t try to finish off this bottle of wine just because we worked overtime today and we feel the need surpress, yet, overindulge in our guilty pleasures. Tomorrow, we may feel hungover, and heavy like we gained 8 lbs overnight, but on the plus side, we would then finally understand what REALLY happened in that episode of Breaking Bad that we didn’t seem to understand the first time AND we would be caught up on the life of Piper Chapman. Would it be worth the excess, would we be truly satisfied, would that extra scoop of ice cream, television episodes, hangover, and extra weight gain genuinely serve our lives for the better?

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