June 2016 Pose of the Month ~ Arm Balances and Strengtheners


Arm balances are one of those areas in yoga we can quickly convince ourselves are just not for us! Or maybe they are second nature by now, seemingly a quick way to instantaneously boost Instagram likes 🙂  As many yoga asanas, arm balances are complex positions and require that a lot of things come together correctly in order for us to achieve them! Yet the path toward arm balances is not as difficult to navigate as we may think as long as we don’t get caught up in the final goal. How we approach this- with discipline,  effort, patience, generosity and focus goes a long way in giving us that feeling of brilliance and accomplishment in our progress, whether or not we ever sustain a full crow, scale, peacock,  handstand or any arm balance.


The benefits of arm balances and their preps are many. Enjoy the preliminaries that strengthen the arms and open the shoulders, elbows and wrists. Enjoy the core work that allows a focused lift toward your goal. Enjoy that lift itself when it comes for even a split second to somewhere you weren’t sure you would ever go. The veil of maya (see subject of the month) lifts every time we reach beyond what we think we can do, but do not push ourselves there to compare to or impress others. Use the steps toward and into arm balances this month to build the prajna, clear seeing, that allows you to move into your own brilliance each and every time you practice, and see through the doubts and delusions that limit us. It’s not how it looks to others at end of the day, it’s how it feels to you as you learn and fly!



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