June Pose of the Month ~ Agnistambhasana~ Double Pigeon, Fire Log Pose~

fire log pose


Double Pigeon, Fire Log Pose

~Prior to doing this asana please spend ample time warming up the hips~

From a simple crossed leg position, place your hands on the floor behind your hips and lean back while sliding the heels forward to bring the shins parallel to the front edge of the mat. Gently rotate the hips forward, moving towards the front of the sit bones to be able to sit up as tall as possible. Once able to sit tall and lengthen the spine free your hands and stack the shins one on top of another.  Hands may be placed at thighs or floor depending on flexibility. Another option is to place your ankles and knees atop of each other. Only try this if it can be done with ease. Flex both feet to help support the knee joints and to accentuate the stretch in the hips. The next option is to fold forward.  This is not necessary if you are already feeling deep sensation and are at your “edge”. Breathe deep. Staying for 5-10 breaths, easing out of the agnistambhasana, and switch sides.  Please pay attention to knees and lower back while practicing.  Slight discomfort can be released through ujjayi pranayama which may relax the muscles and deepen the pose.

Enjoy Agnistambhasana!

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