June Subject of the Month ~ Svadhisthana ~ “Sweetness or One’s Own Place”


June’s  subject of the month is Svadhisthana.  It sounds like such a foreign word, however we may be very familair with this energy center of the body once we begin to learn and understand it.  We begin to acquaint ourselves to this second “chakra’  Svadhisthana by recognizing where it is.  It is located at and slightly in front of the sacrum. This chakra governs the abdomen, low back, hips and reproductive areas.  These areas seem to be quite vunerable in our society from pain and discomfort, prone to injury, and areas in our body that we hold sacred.

Svadhisthana means “sweetness”.  The sweetness of pleasure and desire.  When this chakra is balanced we have a sense of fludity, ease of being, pleasure, healthy sexuality, and are emotionally in tune.  As in “one’s own place”, this chakra is crucial in our lives as we can be protective of our emotions and of truly letting go in fear of being “too vunerable” or feeling guilty of true pleasure . The tasks of this energy center of the body allows for the emotional and desiring movement in our lives.  We learn how to release into pleasure and how to “go with the flow” when balance is practiced. 

This energy center “chakra” revolves around all watery things which is why it is connected to the movement and flow of the body.  Water flows, moves and changes, and a healthy second chakra allows us to do just that.  Flow with the grace and ease that we so yearn for in our lives.  Our desires to feel and want thrives here.

This is one of seven that make up the chakra system. Seven wheels or vortexes, if you will, that cannot be seen, as emotions cannot be seen, but we know that they are there each with their own unique purpose to contribute to the brilliance of a human being.

When practicing yoga postures “asanas” notice the areas in you body that may be resistant. Imagine sending your breath to those areas to heal, soothe, and possibly release into an ease of being.  Let go, go with the flow, and connect to svadhisthana, the sweetness of one’s own place and let the magic happen.


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