March Pose of the Month ~ Surya Namaskar C ~ Sun Salutation C

Surya Namaskar C ~ Breath and Movement Transitions ~ Move Fluidly Through the Asanas ~ *each pose moves with the Ujjayi breath (unless otherwise noted) creating a flow of grace and ease allowing the smoothness of the transitions to be the punctuation of the asanas to create a beautiful work of art.

From Tadasana

  1. Inhale~Reach arms out and up over head, option lock thumbs
  2. Exhale~Fold forward and down -Uttanasana
  3. Inhale~Step the right foot back
  4. Exhale~knee down on floor, toes back
  5. Inhale~Draw the torso and arms rise up, option to lock thumbs -Anjaneyasana
  6. Exhale~Swan-dive or fold forward, hindging at the hips, palms to floor, step back to downward facing dog – option of 1-3 breaths – Adho Mukha Svanasana
  7. Inhale~Come forward to high plank
  8. Exhale~Slowly release knees, chest and chin to the mat
  9. Inhale~Root the palms and lift the chest, toes point away -Bhujangasana
  10. Exhale~Press back into Downward facing dog -Adho Mukha Svanasana
  11. Inhale~Step the right foot forward
  12. Exhale~back knee to ground
  13. Inhale~ torso and arms rise up, option to lock thumbs – Anjaneyasana
  14. Exhale~release hands to ground
  15. Inhale~Step back foot forward to meet the right
  16. Exhale~Fold forward -Uttanasana
  17. Inhale~Reverse swan-dive up to extended mountain pose
  18. Exhale~Grow taller while drawing the palms back to the heart                                                                                                                                                                              Enjoy Practicing Classical Sun Salutation ~ Surya Namaskar C

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