March Subject of the Month ~ Courage


courage lion

In the story of the Wizard of Oz, the Lion seemingly lacked courage only to realize that it was within him the whole time.  Perhaps it was his fears that were stronger than his courage.  He grew strength by challenging himself to go beyond his comfortable place.  When his purpose was no longer about him, he found strength and courage to pursue and do what it takes to save Dorothy.  He trembled and cried the whole up to the tower where Dorothy was being held.  He, with the help of the Scarecrow who supposedly was not smart, or perhaps his fear was stronger than trusting his truth and the the Tinman who supposedly did not have a heart, perhaps a fear of vulnerability went anyway.  They all dug deep beyond their fears to find strength and courage, truth and compassion and to take a leap of faith to do what they needed to do.  As we know how the story ends, where in fact, all that we need already exists within us.  May we recognize our barriers only to find the courage to face our fears, resistances and challenges and trust our innate wisdom and guidance.  COURAGE.

yellow brick road


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