May Pose of the Month ~ Anjaneasana ~ Crescent Lunge

2012_05_yogasphere-156 (elle only)

  • Angaliasana ~ High Lunge Variation
  • From Downward Facing Dog
  • Step right foot to the right thumb, this will bring you into low lunge and assist in the alignment of you base.
  • The right foot is secure into your mat.
  • Left leg is fully extended and left heel is lifted and extending back.
  • Lift the front hips to take any pressure off the low back.  This will be a slight curling under of the tailbone to sustain.
  • Lift arms overhead or any other variation that will support a strong posture.
  • Hold for 5 -10 breaths
  • Fabulous!  Now repeat the left side.


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