October Pose of the Month ~ Vrkasana ~ Tree Pose


Just like a tree changes throughout the seasons, so do we.  

Do we notice the subtle changes taking place each and every day?

  • Vrkasana ~ Tree Pose
  • Standing in Tadasana ~ Mountain Pose
  • Place hands on the hips allowing the right hand to assist in the placement of the right foot.
  • Shift your weight to your left side.  Planting your left foot into the ground keeping the hips as level as possible freeing up your right leg.
  • Placing the base of your right foot on the ground turning your right knee out as you externally rotate your right hip.
  • Either keep your foot where it is or place your right foot below or above the left knee.  Not on the knee, this will place pressure on the knee joint and may cause injury.
  • If the right foot is above the knee gently press the foot into the inside of the left leg as the inside of the left leg presses into the foot.
  • Hand Positions~
  • Palms touching at the heart
  • Extended arms overhead
  • Extended arms outward
  • Release and switch sides beginning with Tadasana

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