Sept 2018 SOM Ganesha and POM Vasisthasana


Our subject of the month- Ganesh- is an energy field that has the ability to draw people like few others in yoga. There are many reasons for this; the sweetness of his round, boyish form, his intriguing elephant head, and his penchant for desserts and playfulness that are prevalent in many stories. He is the Lord of the Senses and the Gunas, showing us how to navigate and celebrate in this material world while not getting caught up in the constant focus on self. He has the highest level of discernment in using both his intellect and his massive form to solve problems. And despite the predicaments his appetite sometimes gets him in, he is quick to recognize when his desires get the better of his sense of service and rectify the situation! He depicts a balance of strength in form and beauty in spirit that shows us how to do our part in this world while seeking the divine with dedication and focus on whatever path is ours. His root mantra is accessible and easily resonates through us as his energy is close to the material world. Simply repeating it reveals steadiness and generosity in us. In addition to his well-known power of removing obstacles from our spiritual path (and any path in life that serves the greatest good), his energy shows us the benefits of skillful listening, wielding power with care and skill, of loyalty, humility and diligence. Ganesh is the attractive force of a gravitational field, holding everything with ease and stabilizing shifts in life, while giving energy for movement toward the wisdom consciousness he adores.

Our pose of the month, Vasisthasana and its variations, bring the qualities of Ganesh to our form as we practice them. As we build strength and balance with side plank options, we use discernment and dedication to explore how we can ground down to get vast. We can dissolve obstacles and expand beyond our perceived limitations using support and skill, building upon one variation to reach to the next. And most of all, we are reminded to be playful and enjoy the experience as we lift up, and even when we tumble down <3

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