September 2016 – Pose- Warrior Poses

The Warrior Series as shown below depicts the classic yoga love story of Shiva and Sati. As happens in oral tradition, the telling of this tale has many versions, yet all attest to the universal and eternal force of attraction between the space of universal consciousness in Shiva, and the myriad of forms which consciousness takes in Sati. When they are together and in harmony, all is well in the universe, and when they are separated, all goes into disarray. As related in the story, fierceness is needed to stand against the prejudice and manipulation that conspire to keep the lovers apart.

Warrior poses

Explore the stories of yoga this month, and truly take the form of each asana as well in class.  Embody the rasa- the mood, energy, taste and feel of each one. The warrior poses are an in-road into exploring one famous myth of yoga,  enjoy this story and many more as we discover the relationship asana introduces between the physical and energetic body through the heroics and foibles of these mystical beings.

For one version of the Shiva and Sati story, look here:

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