September 2016 – Subject- Myths of Yoga

shiva and sati
B. K. S. Iyengar said that the study of yoga is not about mastering posture; it’s about using posture to understand and transform yourself. Myths can be a portal into understanding our inner worlds and our potential for transformation. These wonderful stories of enlightened beings, human, animal, god and goddess, provide a source of inspiration and precise information so we can learn from those that have striven against injustice, soared beyond their known, and fell down only to rise again- bigger, stronger, smarter and faster.
The beautiful language, expansive imagery and larger-than-life feats in the stories of yoga encourage us to truly embody the asanas, both physically and energetically. We get a deeper feel for what is required, delving into the taste, touch, form and shape of them through the stories of how they were born. We feel the fierce strength of a warrior rising in justice in defense of a woman, the courage of a friend taking an impossible leap for one whom he loves, the exquisite compassion of a wise healer and teacher who declines being released from suffering until all beings around her do not suffer any longer. Through these myths, we connect to the shared and deep human yearning to immerse in something greater than our own needs and wants. Once we touch this yearning, we can begin to transform our energies more and more into creating a personal map toward service and our own leaps of faith, courageous stands, and beautiful dances of love.

Enjoy story time for September as we head into class to be schooled by the ancient rishis. The encoded lessons in these myths are truly allegories for what it takes to fully fill out our poses on the mat for sure, but more importantly, they point to what it takes to fully fill out our place in our life.

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