September Pose of the Month ~ Ashta Chandrasana ~ Cresant or High Lunge Pose

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Ashta Chandrasaana

  • From Adho Mukha Savasana, Downward Facing Dog.
  • Step Right foot forward next to your right hand
  • Hands on hips, releasing tailbone straight down, stabilizing your hips.
  • Use hands to help assist pelvis level while extending left leg and maintaining ¬†lifted back heel.
  • Release arms and turn palms out and lift to various arm positioning.
  • While the tailbone is directed down space is created in the lower back so that the arch is at the mid to upper back.
  • Allow you chest to expand as the heart center opens and full devotion of the posture is present.
  • Stay for various number of breaths perhaps adding a variety of arm and leg movements to further enhance the experience of focus, presence and commitment.
  • A variation of Anjaneyasana is the knee down of the extended leg
  • Repeat left side
  • Enjoy Ashta Chandrasana

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