September Pose of the Month ~ Malasana ~ Garland Pose

Malasana ~ Garland Pose

From Downward Facing Dog

Step feet up wide to the front of your mat, at least as wide as your hips, wider if the flexibility is a challenge. Drop your seat staying in a squat position.  Allow the spine to lengthen, extending the spine like a string of pearls from the crown of your head to your tail bone.

Bring your hands together to Namaste, Angali Mudra as the elbows gently guide the hips open.  Keep the spine extended and long.  Imagine the tail bone reaching into the earth, grounding, stabilizating, and supporting.  The crown of your head reaching up to the sky creating an equal and opposite energetic flow.  Aligning all the energy centers in the body bringing balance and tranquility to the mind, body and spirit.

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