Some Benefits of Hot Yoga


Provided by Stacy Valenti

Stacy is the manager of Yogasphere Richboro, Yogasphere’s exclusively hot yoga studio.  She has been teaching and practicing there since this locations inception in 2013 and has been with Yogasphere since 2011. Weather your new to hot yoga or a seasoned practitioner you may not know there are many benefits to the practice.

Here are Stacy’s top 4 benefits of Hot Yoga:

1. When you practice yoga in a heated room it increases muscle elasticity….The heat helps muscles go from “plastic” to “elastic”!   The heat allows you to go deeper into postures as your muscles warm up
quickly.  The body is able to move more comfortably with less risk of injury.
2. Heat elevates the heart rate…which increases the pulse rate and

metabolism.  When your cardiovascular activity is increased you burn more calories quickly.
3. Hot Yoga helps you sweat out toxins.  It stimulates the lymphatic system which flushes out harmful substances and waste products in the body.
4. Hot yoga is a form of meditation.  The hot environment helps sharpen your mental focus, concentration, and determination.  Opening up the spine and your mind can bring balance to your physical and mental health.
Yogasphere’s Richboro location is 5 Years Old this moth! We opened the doors on January 27 of 2013 and are still going strong with a really amazing and diverse group of teachers who have a passion for hot yoga with integrity, consistence, safety, and fun.  New to hot yoga?  Try your first class FREE at Yogasphere Richboro! We have classes 7 days a week. Check out our Richboro Schedule for more details.

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