Street/Underprivileged Children of the Ganga –

building-a-bottle-wallI wanted to take a moment to let you know about a global seva(service) project my family has recently made a commitment to.  Truike Boekholt-Daly’s founded “Children of the Ganges” after experiencing first hand the plight of the orphaned and homeless children on the banks of the Ganga in Rishikesh, India. “Children of the Ganga” mission includes providing free quality education, for street/ underprivileged children in Rishikesh, promote the qualities of kindness and compassion, ethical behaviors and a sense of universal responsibility, and to inspire children with the qualities of leadership and the motivation to bring peace, happiness and well-being to their communities and environment.  “Children of the Ganga “also provides a hot meal to the children every evening.

Recently, an initiative to build a “bottle school” on the roof top of one of the Ashrams in Rishikesh has become a main focus. Bottle schools are built using tried and tested post and beam construction. The foundations, columns and beams are made from concrete reinforced with iron. The difference with traditional construction is that instead of cinder-blocks or bricks, the walls are made using “eco-bricks”. This is in the beginning stages of gathering information and finding volunteer experts including engineers and architects and of course fundraising.

Over the next 7-8months, I will be holding donation based classes and workshops(Nov 19th and 16th are the first two). Sometime during the summer of 2015, my family plans to travel to India to work with the children of Rishikesh and gain a better understanding through direct experience of what is needed at the school.  None of the money raised will go towards any of our personal expenses. 100% of the funds raised will go directly to the “Children of the Ganga”.

Six yrs ago, I traveled to Vizag in the state of Andhra Pradesh India with my teacher Parvathi Nanda Nath and my husband has traveled to areas around Mumbai years ago as well.   The country is beautifully peaceful and wonderfully chaotic all at the same time.   My vision is to create an easy roadmap of sorts that includes contacts, ashrams, hotels, transportation information etc.. so that in years to come perhaps those interested in seva in our community ( not necessarily Yogasphere only) can become more involved and possibly one day travel to Rishikesh with me and my family.

I want to thank Stanely Currier, a yogi with a beautiful soul, for introducing and inspiring me to become involved in this program!   Much grattitude for introducing me to Truike and setting the wheels in motion.

Om Shanti – Laura

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