Student Testimonials


“Since starting at Yogasphere approximately three years ago, in an effort to get in shape, I have learned so much more to the practice then I have ever imagined. I’ll start with the warm, positive and welcoming environment; I walked in without any knowledge of the practice of Yoga and have come to fall in love with the practice, instructors and fellow ‘yogis.’ The stereotype in my head before starting Yoga was that you had to be flexible which prolonged me from trying as well as the fear of judgment. This couldn’t be any further from the truth, you take the practice to your own level, it is about you and not what others around you can or cannot do. I have embraced my capabilities and have not felt mediocre compared to others. I have learned so much about the practice and myself since I’ve started; happier, positive, focused and better toned arms then I have ever had!” – Lauren, Newtown

“After practicing yoga at a number of different studios, I came to Yogasphere over two years ago and have been a dedicated student ever since. Teachers at Yogasphere help students take their individual practice to the highest level, encouraging them to embrace the unique capabilities of their bodies, as well as, helping them to explore their inner strengths. At Yogasphere, I challenge my body and my mind at every class.” – Kathy, Washington Crossing, PA

“I have been going to Yogasphere every week for about 4 years and I love it there! Its not only great exercise but spiritually refreshing and calming. I love the look of the Yoga room with its cathedral like ceiling and all the instructors are excellent. I have done Yoga at many places over the years, and this is far and away my favorite!” – Ralph, Newtown, PA

“I went to my first Yogasphere class on a Saturday morning hoping to stretch and to see if yoga was as beneficial physically as I’d heard. It is, but It’s also led to many changes in my life beyond the benefits of being more fit and loose: meditation, better diet, mindfulness, focus. I hadn’t realized how precious the breath is or how any yoga position is an end in itself. Through their teaching and kindness, the YS staff has helped me bring many lessons from the mat into my daily life like awareness, patience, and how when the mind falters the strength of the body persists. With a home studio like YS you can do far more in yoga than learn the asanas and flow. Somehow, even in spite of yourself, you can learn to simply be, and that’s an incredible gift.” – Jeff

“There are several yoga studios in the area all of which I have sampled many times. The space that I return to, now multiple times a week, is Yogasphere.
The instructors are special- each in their own way. I find Yogasphere to be a place of calmness and peacefulness. At the same time, the instructors encourage the students to find their edge without forcing or pushing oneself in a harshful way. Practicing at Yogasphere truly enhances the quality of my life.” – Deb R., Newtown, PA

“I have looked all around Bucks County to find a yoga studio that offers invigorating, yet welcoming and enlightening classes and workshops. Once I found Yoga Sphere, I stopped my search. This is the place for yoga that lifts your spirit, clears your mind, and strengthens and tones your body.” – author and busy mom of 3 girls