Subject of the Month~ Dec 2017 Stillness- The Essential State of Yoga

When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you
lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world. ~ Eckhart Tolle
The famous philosophical texts of Yoga have different styles and means of pointing to the same truth- To know the true Self, one needs to truly know stillness. Indeed, not only in Yoga, but in every major spiritual tradition, stillness is revealed again and again as the secret to wholeness in heart, mind and body, and in experiencing the Divine. It is what allows communication between the relative and the absolute, and drops the individual self into the vast eternal Self. It is what allows a sense of ease and connection even in the most outwardly turbulent situations. The ancient metaphor is the top, when balanced from a stillpoint at center, the outward constant movement can be harmonious and seemingly effortless.
So many gifted poets, artists, musicians, philosophers have eloquently expressed the possibilities for union and peace in stillness. Pablo Neruda, Mary Oliver, the Sufi Poets, David Whyte, Thomas Merton, Ramana Maharshi, Lao Tzu and so many more.  Weave in practices from yoga – yoga nidra, guided relaxations,  mini-meditations during an asana pose, calming pranayama – and ease into this precious space of stillness in our classes this month.
There are many beautiful quotes from different traditions for contemplation if you’d like to take a look:
Here is the pdf of “Stillness Speaks” by Eckart Tolle from which the opening quote comes. Enjoy his interpretation of some of the classic approaches in yoga and spirituality toward resting in stillness.

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