Sukasana ~ Easy Pose ~ September Pose of the Month

Elle class June 2012-001


Sukasana.  Easy pose.  Upright seated comfortable pose.

1. Arriving on the mat typically sitting with legs crossed in front.

2. The spine is long and lengthened.

3. Move the flesh away from bottom to feel the sitbones reaching into the mat.

4. The shoulders are releasing down towards hips.

5. The chin is parallel to the ground as the neck is long and lengthened allowing the throat be be open.

6. The crown of the head is reaching upwards.

Finding from the base of the spine all the way to the crown of the head in alignment.  This allows the energy to begin to flow freely throughout the body.

This beginning or centering is an opportunity to check in with the body and mind as the breath flows freely.  The posture, breath and focus is an opportunity to be present in the here and now.

Some options:

Sitting upon a blanket or bolster raising the hips to assist in elongation of the spine.

Blocks can be placed under the knees to support the hips.

Sit back on the heels, if this is not comfortable on the  knees, either sit on a block or put a folded blanket under the botton.  If its not comfortable on the top of the feet a thin blanket can be placed under the ankles.

Another option is to sit with legs to one side, be sure to switch halfway through the centering.

The main objective is to have the spine extended and as much space in the body as available to begin.



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