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Stacy Valenti has been teaching at Yogasphere since 2011. She brings an awesome amount of inspiration to her students through her dedication to her family, friends and practice. I  have had the pleasure of practicing with Stacy since 2012.  She is a very skilled very passionate teacher who always teaches from a place of love and humility. Stacy has been practicing yoga since 2000. After a sports-related injury, she began to seek out another form of physical exercise. This is when she discovered her personal path to yoga, which went beyond the physical boundaries…and so her journey began. Stacy knew this life changing transformation was a gift, and after 10 years of practicing asana and pranayama she decided she wanted to share this passion of yoga with others. She became AAAI/ISMA certified in 2009, and completed the 200 hour Teacher Training Program at Yogasphere in 2011 and is registered with Yoga Alliance. Stacy is committed to her daily personal practice, and is always eager to share the intangible benefits of yoga to help others live a well-balanced life. Stacy teaches all levels vinyasa style yoga, with emphasis on breath and alignment. Stacy is blessed with a supportive husband, twin daughters, and a beautiful Bulldog.
Though, yoga is a very prominent part of Stacy’s life she has many other gifts and interest. She exclaims that, ” Outside of yoga …I love to cook!!!! My friends know if I’m not at Yoga…I’m probably in the market…everyday!!! I love cooking healthy meals…lots of fruits and vegetables. I am driven by the knowledge and understanding of the effects that food has on the body. I love to cook for my friends and family…..It’s a great way to spend time together,enjoy one another’s company,while enjoying our favorite dishes!”
If you’ve practiced with Stacy, weather it’s a pumped up hot yoga class or a nurturing gentle class she always is prepared with a dynamic and thoughtful practice. To her “yoga offers endless inspiration on and off the mat.” She is always watching and learning from teachers in our community as well as online and at conferences and workshops. Another source of inspiration is found from her students.  “As a teacher I am inspired by my students…their dedication to the practice,their openness, and transformation,” she say. Also,”The support of my Yogasphere family,(my teachers, and co teachers) keeps me grounded, connected, inspired…and curious to want to learn more.”  However her greatest source of inspiration comes from her family. Stacy explains, ” the constant support from my mom, my dad’s spirit that lives in my heart, my husbands determination and strength, and and the unconditional love for my daughters inspire me to be a better person. They help me to be more mindful, compassionate, and patient… I have learned to not rush to to react…instead I BREATHE!!!!!!”
In practicing with Stacy I always feel uplifted, supported and encouraged. Even when she is kicking your butt you can’t help but feel there’s a lot of love and attention being paid to her students! If there was one thing she would like all students of yoga to know it is this, “the most important thing for students to know is that Yoga is a life long practice…..Everyone is at different levels, and even though we practice as a group it is an individual practice. The physical part of Yoga (asana) was designed so that we can sit in meditation for longer periods of time. Yoga was designed to quiet the mind. Also…to not be so hard on yourself…It is said that you are a beginner for the first 8 years of daily vigorous practice…so lighten up, and enjoy the ride!!!” For me these words are a humbling reminder not to take myself too seriously and find more joy in every moment.
“My favorite sequence is Surya Namaskar A,” she says.   “Everyday I step on my mat I feel enthusiastic to go thru Sun Salutation A…and everyday I feel like it’s my first one ever!!! It instantly connects me to my practice, and disconnects me from whatever else is going on outside of my practice. It uplifts me, and brings me into the present moment. Sun Salutation A allows me to connect breath with body, and it is a meditation in motion. Not only is it a great warm up, but it increases flexibility,strength and circulation…and it is also a great cardiovascular workout . So for me Surya Namaskar A grounds my body and mind, reduces stress…and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body.” This is the heart of the vinyasa practice and she teaches this sequence with skillful attention.
Stacey’s  yoga practice continually evolves like everything else in life. As practitioners and teachers we tend to turn to music to let our movement and mood be inspired. Just as the practice evolves so can the type of music we want to listen to. “I’ve always been a huge fan of Bhakti Yoga and Kirtan, But lately rock and roll, pop, and even rap music excites me!!! So I can honestly say that the combination of the energy of rock and roll, and the power of mantra keeps me enthused, invigorated, and focused.” There is no right or wrong it’s all in what gets you feeling the flow of your breath and movement and in her case rockin ‘n rollin!

Lastly she states, “I am a true Moon Child…maternal and domestic. My real pleasure is in the comfort of my home and my family. Being an empty-nester,(I have twin daughters that live in New York) my home life is pretty serene with my husband and my bulldog Lilly!” Just as she carries on the tradition of our yoga lineage through her practice and teaching, family tradition is equally important: “I love carrying on family traditions whenever possible…holidays ,summers at the shore ,Sunday dinners etc. I feel so blessed to be part of such a close knit family…I am forever grateful for their unconditional love, support,and devotion…that brings to me strength and stability.”

Stacy brings a lot of heart to our Yogasphere family and we are truly blessed to have her on our team! Currently she teaches weekly classes at our Richboro Hot Yoga Studio as well as our Doylestown studio.

Monday’s @ Doylestown 11:00 Gentle

Tuesday’s @ Richboro 12:00 Soular Power Hour

Wednesday’s @ Richboro 12:00 Soular Power Hour

Thursday’s @ Doylestown 9:30 Vinyasa Level 1/2


Written by Ali G

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