About Yogasphere™

Carrie and LauraYogasphere was born from a desire to provide the Newtown and surrounding community a dedicated and serene space for the practice of Yoga that was accessible to everyone. Drawing from her business experience, Laura Rothstein put the plans in motion to make this desire a reality.

In 2005, Laura partnered with Kirin Mishra (Parvathi Nanda Nath) to create Yogasphere at the original Newtown location. Inspired by Laura’s dynamic vision of offering an array of yoga, Kirin affirmed the philosophy that was in keeping with the integrity of the ancient wisdom of yoga. In April of 2016, longtime Yogasphere Senior Instructor and Business Manager, Catharine Armstrong Frank  became co-owner of Yogasphere. This transition allowed Laura and Cathy to expand their long term vision, allowing Yogasphere to fully form in its mission to provide healing and community through yoga.

Today Yogasphere Co-Owners Laura Rothstein and Cathy Frank continue to build on Yogasphere’s founding philosophy and tradition offering “Yoga for Everyone.” Yogasphere remains committed to honoring the traditional essence of yoga in a way that is practical, uplifting, and relevant. The classes, workshops and teacher training programs at Yogasphere are rooted in a true and established desire to serve our community in inclusiveness, connection and joyfulness. As a business and yoga community, we state unequivocally our policy that everyone at Yogasphere is to be treated with respect and care, and to be able to exist in an environment that is free from harassment, threats and exclusion based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

The Boutique at Yogasphere™

The “Boutique at Yogasphere” offers several lines of yoga wear and mats. Please come in and browse, shop, relax and enjoy the “Boutique at Yogasphere.” We hope to see you soon.